The Rise of the Templar

TROTT-0001_Title_on_Black_w-o_thrillerWith thirty million people being trafficked into sex slavery or forced labor, governments still don’t have solutions. A mysterious flash drive of data emerges and may hold the key to collapsing the sex trade industry. Alex, a teen prodigy trained by an ancient group called The Order, is recruited as the best hope in seizing the disc.

During this explosive journey, Alex unlocks age old secrets, discovers links to the Templar Knights exposing hidden truths behind conspiracy theories and ancient relics like the Shroud of Turin.

Reliant on her Christian faith, Alex soon realizes that this journey isn’t solely about saving others, but embracing her own purpose as defined by her Creator.


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While Alex’s adventure is totally fictitious, many of the events and figures are real and were included to ground the reader in the real world where we have real difficult problems.

As many as 30 million people are victims of human trafficking and “Rise” includes back stories for “sex slaves” inspired by real testimonies of actual victims. Awareness and education are crucial to changing the tide of momentum in this horrific industry.


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